Hey Our Basement,

Over the years, Feel Alright has evolved into a collaborative live project who called both Montreal and Pittsburgh home before eventually settling in Calgary. We’ve dabbled with folks from around the globe – from reissuing our debut full-length, Hahahahahaha, on vinyl in 2015 by Tonal Plexus out of Athens, Greece, to releasing a split EP with Toronto’s (now inactive) Century Palm.

I wrote our new song, “Cool Water,” during my move back to Calgary from Pittsburgh. It was inspired by my thoughts about the kinds of people who work tirelessly to contribute something vital to the music community, without receiving anything in return in terms of conventional success, and the cycles of exhaustion and propulsion that characterize being a cultural worker in a city like Calgary.

We’ve toured extensively as Feel Alright, playing at venues varying from a dingy apartment in Athens, Greece to the main stage at Sled Island. We plan to play in a Canadian town near you following the release of our forthcoming new record, so stay tuned.

Craig Fahner (½ of Feel Alright)