Bossie – Not Pictured

Bossie’s penchant for retro-future vibes emerged over a string of singles that have been trickling out since 2015. Now, with debut Not Pictured, songwriter Anne Douris spins ’80s touchstones — Cyndi Lauper, True Blue-era Madonna, the Cure — into a blueprint for pop idolatry: its nine songs pair the era’s vibes with sharp modern critique.(Exclaim!)

Chances – Traveler

Tovi – Midnight Hum

Darkness reigns—or so it seems on the surface—on the debut EP from TOVI (Rebecca Emms, formerly of Girls Meets Bear). The four songs of Midnight Hum are expansive synth-pop confections, each feeling moody and buoyant at the same time. Emms described the genesis of the EP like this:(Grayowl Point)