Hey Our Basement!

After splitting time between writing songs intended for video games and my own solo material, I decided to combine the two into one project upon entering the studio with my brother, Sean. There, under the moniker Laughed the Boy, we recorded our debut EP.

The addition of bassist Brennan Hrehoruk solidified our lineup and gave us the push we needed to start performing the songs live. In between show rehearsals, we found ourselves with an album’s worth of fresh material and headed into the studio once more to record the nine tracks that make up our debut full-length. Since dropping Here is Fine back in February 2017, we’ve spent a lot of time on the road. 2018 will see us doing more of that, as well as recording our sophomore album.

“Halfway” came to me one morning after a few sessions of demoing new material. I sat there playing it over and over again until it felt ready enough to play as a band. Sean and I went to the studio, jammed it out a couple of times, and recorded it that same day. The general concept for the track came from a notepad full of jotted thoughts that I aimlessly scribbled throughout shifts at my day job – an unexpected bout of inspiration.

You can hear the official premiere of “Halfway” over at The Alternative, or stream it below. Thank you so much for listening – we’re entirely grateful for the support.

Laughed the Boy