Hey Our Basement,

Coming from a classically trained background, it was freestyling alone over basic guitar chords or over beats at parties that I really found my musical outlet. Then I met Kayobe, a Toronto producer who was looking for a singer for his single “Sun Don’t Shine” and our musical connection was felt immediately. Weeks after meeting we began co-writing and producing my debut album no(w)here, which was released May 29 of last year.

The majority of my recent music has been in collaboration with Chewy, a Vancouver producer, who I met through mutuals. When it came to creating my new single, Chewy sent me the beat and 30 minutes later, I responded with the freestyle for the first verse of “joey moon.” The song’s name comes from my dad’s high school band – Joey Moon and The Crescents. “joey moon” is my follow up to “always you” which released on April 20th.

Shoutout to KickKickSnare for premiering “joey moon,” and to you for listening.

olive b