Our Basement:

When I was 15, I had a high school boyfriend whose mother was a free-spirited, unconventional, and lenient single parent who would often leave us unattended with her impressive collection of classic records. Upon her departure, we had a custom of randomly selecting an album and listening while we laid together on the sofa. One day, we selected Joni Mitchell’s Blue, and in that moment, hearing her voice and those chords, my passion for songwriting was born. Joni’s songs went straight to the marrow of my heart.

When the flighty, young love between my high school boyfriend and I dissolved, and throughout all of the subsequent broken hearts that followed, Joni Mitchell was always there – inviting me to be sad while assuring that life would go on. It’s in the memory of those assailable and heartsick moments I so often shared with Joni that “Songs of Blue” was written.

Thank you for listening. “Songs of Blue” is the first single off our forthcoming, sophomore record I Am You.

Scarlett of Running Red Lights