Hey Our Basement,

I’ve always thought a lot about how my experiences and memories colour my view of the world, and how they establish predispositions and biases. A lot of people never acknowledge how coloured their vision of the world is. I think the effect of this is only amplified as the world continues to become more violent and torn.

I wrote a lot of the songs on Looking Through Your Window, my forthcoming new record, while I was travelling, looking out the windows of planes, trains, and cars. When I started compiling songs for the album, I noticed that a lot of what I wrote included characters grappling with memories and perspective. My first single, “Water Rushing In,” is a portrait of a hybrid character I created whose life was profoundly impacted by colonization and industrialization. He is looking back on his life and trying to make sense of it all.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen to “Water Rushing In.” Below is a list of some upcoming tour dates – don’t be a stranger if I’m in your city!

Rob Dickson

Tour Dates
8/31 – Montreal, QC
9/1 – Ottawa, ON
9/3 – Kingston, ON
9/4 – Peterborough, ON
9/5 – Toronto, ON
9/6 – Guelph, ON
9/7 – Hamilton, ON
9/8 – Waterloo, ON