Isla Craig – The Becoming

“Who am I? I would like to know,” Isla Craig, flanked by a powerhouse quartet of backing vocalists Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink) Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Ivy Mairi and Felicity Williams (Bahamas), ponders on “Who Am I.” This soul-searching question feels like the core of the Toronto singer-songwriter’s third LP, The Becoming, as Craig takes in the world, and looks within, packing each track with beguiling curiosity.(Exclaim!)

Summerteeth – Sweet Nothing

Set for release on June 22nd, Summerteeth’s sophomore EP – Sweet Nothing – was born out of a renewed sense of optimism. It allowed them to really step back, figure out the kind of band they wanted to be and what they aimed to accomplish in their music. Coming out of recording, it was a no brainer that Stay Warm would be the single. They brainstormed a bunch of different ideas before eventually settling on the appropriate, video treatment. Thanks to the typical Canadian long winter/late spring, the band seized the first nice day they had and packed as much summer into it as possible.(Original Rock)

Too Young To Go Steady – Dropout

If you’ve been looking for songs to perfectly soundtrack your summer, look no further than Too Young To Go Steady’s debut EP, Dropout. The Toronto band’s ethereal shoegaze sound embodies a certain nostalgic element with “a touch of 80s pop nostalgia”.(Canadian Beats)

Wax Mannequin – Have A New Name

Wax Mannequin is returning with the new album Have a New Name, and while the record isn’t due out for another week, you can get in early on an advance stream now.(Exclaim!)

Yukon Blonde – Critical Hit

According to singer Jeff Innes, Critical Hit is a record of two worlds. “As much sarcasm and wit as there is on this record, there is some intensely private shit in the lyrics too, and sometimes the vibe is just more our obsession with synthesizers and drum machines, aesthetics over lyrics,” he’s said about the album.(Exclaim!)