Our Basement,
After the release of “Chances,” my last single, I was absolutely stunned by the number of people that empathized with the pain that I felt and how they could relate to my feeling of instability on some level. Simultaneously, a lot of critics labelled the song – and me, by association – as ‘pop,’ which was an odd yet completely flattering gesture. I never thought I could be mentioned in that conversation or category. When I wrote “I Followed,” it was like, ‘fuck it, I give myself permission to be a popstar.’

“I Followed” isn’t entirely different from the same feelings of instability and uncertainty I felt in “Chances.” I think the song speaks to an audience of people who find themselves caught in the middle of life, love, and pursuing a passion – negotiating the battle between the 9-5 job and the blog they run on the side, for example. I wanted to write an anthem about trusting your gut and following it.

Read more about the debut of “I Followed” over at All Things Go.

Thank you for listening and I hope the track resonates with you in some way.