Hey Our Basement,

My name is Rozie and I’m an independent singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC.
In the last year, I’ve been developing a new project and working with producer Waspy (of Dirty Radio). This collaboration has ignited a lightning-like chemistry that’s added a new and unique style to my music.

I released my first single, “Brown Sugar,” earlier this year and am so excited to share its follow-up with you today!

It started out as just a simple beat that Waspy made off the cuff. When I originally heard it, I wasn’t sure if the two-step vibe would fit my project. But when Danny McKinnon came to jam on the record – I knew it was going to be something special. I love the simplicity of the beat and the fact that there are only a few lyrics. “Hold me closer for a little longer” was literally the first thing that came out of my mouth when I was jamming on the track and coming up with a melody. It just stuck! It was like my subconscious came up with the perfect lyric to fit with the song. Waspy took the hook, ran with it, and we came up with this jam in a matter of no time.

I hope you like “Lil Longer” as much as I do!

– Rozie

Thank you to CelebMix for the first listen of “Lil Longer”