You may have noticed over the last few weeks that our New Releases post has been a little low on content (sorry) and this week the issue has come to a head with my inability to find any Canadian releases for tomorrow. I can find over 100 releases listed for this week on Bandcamp, but since one of them is for a Pack A.D. album that came out in 2010 (and that being the only artists I recognized) I chose not to fall back on my old style of listing everything.

So, instead of showing you what is due out tomorrow, here are the releases we have on our schedule for the remainder of the year so far. If you know of any upcoming albums/EPs that we should add then please let us know below.

Fri Aug 10 Cursed Arrows – Rebirth (Trinket Trance)
Fri Aug 17 Dizzy – Baby Teeth
Fri Aug 17 Great Lake Swimmers – The Waves, The Wake (Nettwerk)
Fri Aug 24 Basement Revolver – Heavy Eyes
Fri Aug 31 KEN Mode – Loved
Fri Sep 07 Lunar Lemur – Theme Songs To Imagined TV Shows (Trinket Trance)
Fri Sep 07 Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano III
Fri Sep 07 Petra Glynt – My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love (Pleasence Records)
Fri Sep 21 Joe Nolan – Cry Baby
Fri Sep 21 Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Fri Sep 21 Roxanne Potvin – All It Was
Fri Sep 28 Johnny Payne – Johnny
Fri Oct 05 Alexandra Streliski – Inscape
Fri Oct 05 Tokyo Police Club – TPC (Dine Alone Records)
Fri Oct 26 Shad Announces – A Short Story About A War (Secret City Records)