Vancouver indie folk-pop artist Stephanie Ratcliff released her latest EP, Land In Unknown Places, late last month celebrating with a show at Reality Vancouver, followed by a string of Canadian Tour Dates throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada in August. See below for the remaining tour schedule.

The first single from the EP, ‘Come Alive’, made its debut on June 29th when the video (Stephanie’s first official music video!) premiered at Live in Limbo. Directed by Dan Loewen, the video tells a very simple kind of love story, even though the song isn’t necessarily about romantic love.

“It simply tells the story of two children who end up spending their whole lives committed to each other, loving each other, giving themselves to each other,” says Stephanie. “It ends with them as an older couple sitting on a bench, still loving each other after all the years and seasons of life. This kind of love is just such a beautiful, incredibly sacrificial, transforming way to live. We kept the video very simple in terms of storyline, but hopefully conveyed the deeper truth and reality that love – whatever shape it takes – really can last a lifetime.”

Land In Unknown Places is Stephanie’s second EP and third release. Her first EP Things Above Ground was released last year and her debut full-length album Memories of the World came out in 2015. When she began the process of creating her new EP, Stephanie found herself moving in a new musical direction.

“My first two releases were very much about my own brokenness and healing and wanting to give hope to others, and I think that thread is woven through all my music, but this EP is more “other-focused” and specifically about the kinds of connections we have with each other, and how deep, powerful, and life-changing those connections can be,” says Stephanie. “Musically, it’s intentionally a little less polished and a little more raw, which I felt was important in order to help shape and convey the meaning and emotions of the songs. Because, really, that’s just how life is with each other – unpolished and raw!”

Look for Stephanie on tour this August and into the fall, as she makes her way to Kelowna in October for Breakout West and the Western Canadian Music Awards where she is nominated for Spiritual Artist of the Year.

Aug 11th – Dartmouth, NS – House Concert
Aug 12th – Charlottetown, PEI – Baba’s Lounge
Aug 15th – St. Stephen, NB – House Concert
Aug 16th – Perth, ON – House Concert
Aug 17th – Lansdowne, ON – Farmer’s Market (afternoon show)
Aug 17th – Ottawa, ON – House Concert (evening show)
Aug 18th – Barrie, ON – House Concert