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Bones & Bridges formed in 2016 by way of a writing retreat in Nashville. Comprised of Anthony Arthur, Atom Martin, and TEE, we combine our unique individual styles and musical tastes to create a timeless sound. We pride ourselves on defying the traditional, one-genre body of work and thrive on creating music that is free of bordered limitations.

“Go Figure,” the follow-up to our debut single “Reveries,” reflects on the feeling of loving and supporting someone with all you’ve got – only to find out that they never loved you at all. We drew on past experiences of being both the hero and the villain in different relationships, to result in a tragically beautiful track – melancholy lyrics contrasted by surprisingly uplifting production.

Hinged on the & that connects us to one another, Bones represents the inner darkness that can live within us all, and is contrasted by Bridges, which alludes to hopefulness and optimism.

Bones & Bridges