Hey Our Basement,

I’ve always been a quiet person. singing allowed me to not only discover who I am but also to express it. as I became more comfortable performing, I realized that I preferred singing my own songs rather than the words of someone else. I was drawn to expressing myself through my own words. my poetry turned into songwriting and by 2016, I was collaborating with others.

My desire for new experiences, learning, and collaboration drew me to cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, and new york where I attended writing and recording sessions and worked one-on-one with a handful of esteemed producers. i believe that the emotion behind a song is equally as important as the lyric. often times, i have connected songs to moments based on the feeling alone.

I am really happy to be putting this song out. Despite all the things going on in one’s life – the good, the bad – whether it be relationships or life in general, you try to keep a positive outlook on things. I ain’t gunna trip, not me – I’ll be keeping it sunny, finding your jokes funny – It’s all milk n honey.

laye x