Hi Our Basement,

While my music is about dark places, I focus on finding the light – the moment when you realize your own strength and ability to move forward. I want to be proud to share my songs with young women. There are so many voices in the world telling women how to think and feel about themselves. I want to be the voice that celebrates women. I want to empower and uplift people.

“Shine On,” my brand new single, is an explosion of self-celebration. What started as a breakup song became an upbeat, feel-good discovery of what it means to truly let your light shine against all odds. “Shine On” is the rebirth after loss, the dance party in your underwear, the uncontrollable laughter with friends. It’s a call to action – keep yourself moving into the sound, shine on!

“Shine On” is the first track to be shared from T.O. Confidential, my new album set for release on September 28 and which will be available on limited edition vinyl. The writing and recording behind the songs on this record was a collaborative process that involved members of Grand Analog, Martha and the Muffins, the Four On The Floor String Quartet and many other talented individuals.

“Shine On” was produced and co-written by Hill Kourkoutis (SATE) & Juliana Iannuzziello, who plays guitar in the Launch house band. The accompanying video is the directorial debut by Elise Bauman, star of the popular web series Carmilla.

Thank you for listening! I look forward to sharing more new music with you in the weeks to come.

Ghost Caravan