It’s Release Radar playlist time! The playlists that let you know what is new this month! Along with our usual Spotify Release Radar playlist, there is a YouTube new video release playlist as well.

The YouTube playlist has over 50 new uploads. Some of them are official videos, some are just audio tracks and some are live videos. There are some pretty great videos on the list. Some of the tracks in the videos can be found on the Spotify playlist but the playlists are quite different and you should check them both out.

The Spotify Release Radar playlist has over 100 songs on it this month with some artists having a couple tracks on there from new albums. Other tracks are teasers for upcoming albums and you can find some remixes and fun covers as well. I was excited about many tracks on the list, like the ones from Royal Canoe, We Are The City, Shad, Dan Mangan and more.

Jesse Reyez, Fucked Up, Great Lake Swimmers and Ralph all had more tracks for us to enjoy this month as well. The Saskatchewan artists with new tracks are Colter Wall, The Dead South, and UMXY. There are a few Saskies on the YouTube playlist for you to check out as well.

Features of the month:

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald has been crafting his forthcoming album with Grammy award winning producer Dennis Herring (Modest Mouse, Ra Ra Riot, Wavves). He is a singer and songwriter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who sites influences ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Paul Simon. He’s shared the stage with artists such as Bryan Adams, Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Third Eye Blind, Tegan and Sara, among others.

His upcoming album is slated for release this September and follows I Wanna Make It With You (2016) and YES (2013).

The new single, Rip My Heart Out is about that fire between two people – it basically is saying don’t start a fire if you don’t intend to let it burn. The song is inspired lyrically by writers like Henley, Springsteen and Petty; brought to life in a modern way in the studio with Dennis Herring.

Listen now or find it on the Spotify playlist:

Johnny Payne recorded his upcoming solo EP with Tennis at their home studio in Denver and recruited Beach House drummer James Barone for the studio sessions. The five songs on the Johnny EP find him pushing his craft into full on adult-contemporary mode, channeling the visionary spirit of Harry Nilsson, Laura Nyro, and even Carole King.
“I began writing Never Stop Learning To Love on an escalator in a mall in Spain. The mall had about ten floors and by the time I got to the top I had a verse and a chorus. All that was at the top was a restaurant so I went back down. The song is a reminder to myself to always practice tolerance and acceptance amidst chaos, the way children do. It’s about as psychedelic as I get in my writing. Not the Jimi Hendrix, Sgt Pepper version of Psychedelia, but the Brian Wilson, Disney version. I always subscribed more to that: The idea that psychedelia isn’t entirely about drugs, but rather about a return to childlike innocence through purity of mind and a reverence for the natural world. For this reason, we felt it appropriate to shoot the video on the same beach where I spent so much time as a kid, just running around with a dog. It seemed to say everything about the song.”
Listen here and find the video on our YouTube playlist.


R&B Singer/Songwriter Yoko Gold (Moses Peterson) was born in Downtown Toronto and uprooted to Miami with his family shortly after. At a young age, Yoko would travel with his parents from church to church watching his Mom and Dad Preach the Gospel. It was during these services that he first found his passion for music. Fast forward to today, Yoko has matured into an artist that knows no boundaries. His distinct breed of artistry won’t allow him to be placed in any one genre. Although he is influenced by old-school R&B/Soul, Yoko’s Chameleon-like abilities have created a unique opportunity for him to sound however he wants. Infusing sounds and lyrics you hear today over yesterday’s melodies. The new single was co-produced with Nikhil (Drake, Nikki Minaj) and showcases Yoko’s ability to write massive, personality-driven hooks. ‘AYYO’ is a perfect soundtrack to cap off the summer.

Yoko’s thoughts on the new song:
“The release of AYYO is like a breath of fresh air. I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio and it feels good to finally get to share what I’ve been making. If it was up to me I would stay in the studio and never release anything (Yoko Laughs). With that being said, this release marks my escape from limbo.”

Find the video in our YouTube playlist.

Take a listen to the playlists and let me know what new tracks caught your ear. What were your favourites?