Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Good Plates

Hey Our Basement, "Good Plates," the new single from my upcoming album, Love Valley, out October 9, is about being in that place with that person and having a reason to get out the good [...]

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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – I Love That Sound

Hey Our Basement, “I Love That Sound” continues the theme of my prior single, “Our River,” – a reflection of this rural dream I have for my own life from my thirteen-song record, Love Valley, [...]

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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Our River

Hey Our Basement, “Our River” is warm and hopeful, the kind of song that should be played at home with a coffee on the porch, or in a car taking time to get somewhere. I [...]

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Playlist Friday: OurBasement Release Radar Sept/2018

It's Release Radar playlist time! The playlists that let you know what is new this month! Along with our usual Spotify Release Radar playlist, there is a YouTube new video release playlist as well. The [...]