Hey Our Basement,

We’re currently in the midst of preparing for a big rest of the year.

With an EP and tour in the works, it’s all leading up to the release of our Calm The Coast LP in early 2019. The full-length will include 13 tracks, and feature previously released singles “Boulevard” and Toronto Independent Music Award winner “Somebody Tell Me.”

Until then, we hope that our new single, “Pink California,” tides you over.

In “Pink California,” I wanted to explore how Mark (vocalist/guitarist) and the band write their music, and how it bonds them together. Mark has a falling out with his girl, and the loft – bathed in pink light – becomes their writing sanctuary, their happy place, their California. All of the frustrations of life and relationships channel into their music, which begs us to consider the power and effect music has on us. – Patrick Hodgson (“Pink California” video director)

Thanks for listening! Hope to see you out there on the road.

Eden Warsaw