We recently had the opportunity to ask Jesse and the Dandelions 8 random questions (see if you can work the one WR came up with).

1)Would you like to introduce yourself?
Hello there! I’m Jesse Northey of Jesse and the Dandelions. Songwriter/Producer/Self Doubter haha.

2)When and why did you start playing?
A long time ago I used to be the only male figure skater in my hometown of Fernie. The hobby didn’t play well with the local kids and they were quite harsh to me. I decided I wanted to do something different that I liked, and had a bit of a better reputation for a kid in grade 7, so I started playing guitar and writing songs then.

3)What is your favourite part of being a musician? Your least favourite? Why?
I love recording and writing, and even performing is a lot of fun. I enjoy them in that order actually! It’s really hard to do all the other things that come with being a musician like branding, booking tours, dealing with logistics/grants and all those other non music related things.

4) Is there a hidden meaning in Give Up The Gold?
Somewhat! I think the question is do we all really want the gold? What are we sacrificing in order to get it? Is it worth the cost? Part of it is just a lesson in accepting who you are and taking some pressure off of yourself a little bit.

5) How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
I used to wonder what would happen if a Backstreet Boy sneezed into a microphone. Would it blow everyone’s ears up? Would they stop the song? Luckily I have a pretty solid band, so there isn’t too often when we make big, train wreck, start the song over mistakes. When there’s little things you just need to let it happen and not take it too seriously. Everyone is trying their best!

6)Which of your tracks would you recommend for any new listeners?
Not Getting Your Way and Give Up The Gold are the singles for the new record but I think people will like the tracks Locked Out and Be Like New As Well. On our last record True Blue, people really like Brother, and the title track.

7)If you were given the power to do so, which overused interview question would you have banned?
So why ARE you called Jesse and the Dandelions?

8)And, most impotently, what is your favourite type of cookie?
I looooove cookies. Regular ol cookie monster over here. I think shortbread if it’s around Christmas, and I really love those super dry Dads chocolate chip types that totally dissolve in milk. Haven’t been able to find them recently though!

What other questions would you like to see us ask? Who would you like to see answering these question?