Alexandra Streliski – Inscape

There’s always been a cinematic quality to Alexandra Stréliski’s music, honed from years working in advertising as a composer. In the eight years since quietly self-releasing debut album Pianoscope, slowly the world started taking notice, until director Jean-Marc Vallée placed songs from the record in his works, including Dallas Buyers Club, Demolition and the trailer of Big Little Lies. Now, Stréliski has left advertising to pursue music full-time, and Inscape marks the launch pad with which she’ll do so.(Exclaim!)

Foxtrott – Meditations I-II-III

As the culminating piece of Foxtrott’s Meditations I-II-III LP — released as a sequence of EPs over the year — Meditations III finds Marie-Hélène L. Delorme ending her second album with a reflective but potent energy. It’s a downtempo trio exploring both relationships and self, cresting on waves of Delorme’s voice as much as its crisp instrumentation.(Exclaim!)

JJ and The Pillars – Daisy

Tokyo Police Club – TPC

TPC was almost not meant to be. Coming off a tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut EP, A Lesson In Crime, 3/4 of the band felt like perhaps the time had come to call it a career, and figured singer/songwriter Dave Monks would feel the same. Except he didn’t. Instead a plea to give it one more go was the reply, “Let’s make this band feel like a band we would want to be in again,” Monks implored. “Let’s make it about being present for the moments that are important more than about being devoted to some rock stardom fantasy. We at least gotta go make Abbey Road first, and go out with a bang.”(Our Basement)

Zones – The State Of Light

Toronto, ON-based psych-pop artist ZONES will be releasing a new album, The State of Light on October 5 via Hand Drawn Dracula. The album can be pre-ordered HERE. ZONES also recently released a video for “The Syzygy”, which was directed by Vinyl Willliams.(Canadian Beats Media)