Our Basement,

It starts with a choice – “hold on tight, or let go and blow away with the wind.” With those opening lines on “Long Highway,” the first single from our forthcoming debut full-length Summer Of Death (out November 2nd), you can keep your grip or let loose – either way, you’re in for a trip.

Summer Of Death, set for release on November 2nd, is a milestone almost two years in the making. Production started in January 2017 at John Dinsmore’s Lincoln County Social Club recording studio where previous magic was made by artists like The Strumbellas, Timber Timbre, The Wooden Sky, and Elliott Brood. This unhurried approach allowed us to imbue each song with its own unique character.

We were fortunate enough to work with two of the best producers we know on Summer Of Death – John Dinsmore ( PUP, Donovan Woods, NQ Arbuckle, Sarah Harmer), and Jason “Cone” McCaslin (Sun K, Operation MD, The Strumbellas, Sum 41). Both veteran producers have carved a unique niche in our sound – John, dark and brooding; Cone, large and anthemic.

We are 100% independent and have never been involved with a record label or professional management. John and Cone are long-time collaborators whose involvement arose from organic relationships and a mutual love of the music being created. Music at its best is a craft of passion.

Thank you for taking the time out to listen!