Art d’Ecco – Trespasser

You’d be forgiven for thinking yourself a trespasser in the world of Art d’Ecco. After all, his is a creative ecosystem that feels so real, so familiar, and yet not quite of our own: a bit more clouded, a little more sinister, a lot more glam. Yet however foreign it may feel at first, Trespasser emerges as a weirdly inviting and widely inclusive debut, mapping out a singular terrain of rock: stuffed with camp, horror and wide-eyed wonder.(Exclaim!)

Lunar Lemur – You Can Tell Because The Quantum Cat Version Has An Origami Face

The Lunar Lemur sets down on our planet once again. The album is called ‘Theme Songs From Imagined TV Shows’, although what kind of show “Flesherton Taint” could possibly be the music to is a little hazy. Descending piano scales, ghostly atmospherics and nifty reverse-tape work would maybe suggest a crime drama, with a HomeEarth Security officer protecting his assholes friends from inter-dimensional mind smugglers.(Ride The Tempo)