Arkells – Rally Cry

Arkells might just be the biggest rock band in Canada at the moment. Thanks to last year’s single, “Knocking At the Door,” they’ve had a hit in circulation for a good 18 months, largely in part to its popularity with the sporting crowd. And after becoming a stadium band this past summer by selling out the Hamilton Tiger Cats’ home field, Arkells are ready to show they’ve earned such a distinction with their fifth album.(Exclaim!)

Belle Plaine – Malice, Mercy, Grief

On her third full-length release, Belle Plaine finds amplitude by accessing a sense of community. Having grown up in a Saskatchewan town of only 45 people, the artist has been stretching toward a new abundance on each record. With Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath, the themes are on the tin, and the grandiosity comes with the inclusion of many instruments, voices and characters.(Exclaim!)

Kyp Harness – Kyp Harness

As someone who Ron Sexsmith has called “my favourite songwriter,” it’s a little astounding that more people aren’t familiar with Kyp Harness’ work. But that could change with the Toronto native’s 14th album — simply self-titled — that’s out on Oct. 19 through We’re proud to offer an exclusive preview with the track “Talking To Myself,” that features Harness’ trademark bittersweet observations of modern life.(No Depression)