Our Basement,

It was all getting to be a bit much.

Constant touring and tight quarters took their toll on CAIRO, our last project. While overseas in England, an affair developed in the band. We all knew that we’d have to face the consequences of keeping the affair secret from all ignorant parties upon returning home – it was a literal nightmare.

While we tried to make amends and continue riding the wave that we had built, it was clear that the damage was done. At one point, I think the words dead weight were used and that was the beginning of the end.

Except we weren’t ready to quit. Joining forces with producer Crispin Day (July Talk, Shad), we wrote songs that mirrored our trainwreck past – drugs, mental illness, booze, affairs, and all.

The connection between our reckless dependency on relationships gone bad and the damaging withdrawal symptoms that they evoked became too clear to ignore. “How To Become a Drug Dealer” paints a picture of addiction, drawing parallels between the relationships of drug-abuser/dealer and people in deteriorating relationships.

We can’t continue to live the lie that our lives are perfect and shiny – fit for role model status. Our careers reflect the choices we have made and it’s about time that our songs reflected that, as well.
Tom Boy