Hey Our Basement,

“Ender” was inspired by the idea of how things endure over time and how desire exists in our everyday lives. Desire, which only exists in absence, propels things and people forward. “Ender” asks the question of what to do with the things you want when you have them.

Produced by Romesh Thavanathan and Adam Hogan, and mastered by Grey Market, “Ender” was the outlier on The Speech, our forthcoming record. At the end of a long day, recording in a defunct school (located in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland) that housed hundreds of paintings owned by an art trader, the guys decided to put the song to a 4/4 dancey beat. It felt good! It felt right!

We want “Ender” to lead people to think about desire and how they relate to it.

The ender figure in the song represents how things dissolve, deteriorate, die.

The mender is a nod towards the hopeful, the potential flourishing that can occur when things are broken down.

Thank you for listening,