1)Would you like to introduce yourself?
Hi! We’re Wise Child an indie-rock band from Victoria, BC. These responses are written by lead singer and synth player Jaya Bremer and therefore they do not necessarily honestly represent the feelings of the entire band, but they can SUCK IT!
p.s I love them

2)When and why did you start playing?
Wise Child came about after a previous band that guitarist Roger Eldridge and I were a part of that broke up. We then went on to form what would become Wise Child. I guess that was about 5 years ago now. WOAH. Bands are hard to keep together, this feels like a victory.

3)What is your favorite part about this line of work?
Your least favorite? Why? Best part of this work is recording 🙂 Some of the best times have been when we’re holed up in a studio experimenting with 40 different guitar pedals and 10 different synths. MAGIC! Least favorite is none of your business!!! Must maintain our composure of how effortless and great everything is ALL THE TIME 😉

4)Is there a hidden meaning in Big Lights?
I guess this isn’t all that hidden, but maybe people don’t realize just how literal a few of the lines are! In the failed relationship that this song is written about we really did talk about moving to LA, there are a few different references to Hollywood and Californias sunny weather.

5)How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
Totally depends on what frame of mind I’m in and how bad they are. Sometimes it’s just a little smile or chuckle and other times the rest of the show I am secretly full of self-loathing, the kind that only Netflix and a jar of peanut butter can fix.

6)Which of your tracks would you recommend for any new listeners?
BIG LIGHTS! duuuuuh! The rest of the album will be out in February, and I can’t wait to share “Diminish” and “Hurricane” with you! EEEeeee!

7)If you were given the power to do so, which overused interview question would you have banned?
So, are you a Wise Child? eww.

8)And, most importantly, what is your favorite type of cookie?
Chocolate Chip! Classic. Perfection. Balanced. I need a cookie NOW.