Hey Our Basement!

My name is Claire Ridgely. I’m a singer based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Over the past two years, I’ve generated 30 million streams on Spotify as a feature artist. This success has allowed me to work with other electronic producers such as Robotaki, Said the Sky and Pat Lok.

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with such talented artists, but I’m even more excited to kick off my solo thing. On September 7th of this year, I released my first single called “Days Under the Sun.” “California” is my second solo release.

Although California seems like a shining beacon of hope for creatives, many artists have been lost along the way. “California” is about deciding to follow your heart regardless of a fear of falling short of your dreams. I often find myself dreaming of the wonders this place could do for me as a musician.

“California” was produced by Montreal duo Pops & Poolboy. After a dinner party and a couple drinks, the three of us went back to the studio to jam. We didn’t have a particular plan or inspiration in mind but we were all in the right headspace to come up with something good. The “California” music video was directed by Mafer Lopez.

I hope people take away a sense of easiness and determination from “California.” The odds are stacked and the road is long, but I’m determined to see the sun. 🌞

Thanks for listening!
Claire Ridgely