Daniel Isaiah – Only One Left

Daniel Isaiah’s Only One Left has been a long time in the making, but it’s finally finished and will be released at the end of the week. Exclaim!, however, is giving you a chance to hear the LP in its entirety right now.(Exclaim!)

Daniel Romano – Finally Free

Two releases this year simply could not satisfy the fertile mind of Daniel Romano, as Finally Free, his third LP of 2018, proves. Never has Romano preached his prose so fervently, treating song like sermon at times. These nine tracks — some somewhat nebulous, each one impassioned — act as further evidence that Romano is ever-changing, never still. It’s a journey into Romano’s mind that feels simultaneously spontaneous and calculated, soft in its travels as it speaks of time and what exists between dreams and reality.(Exclaim!)

Foxwarren – Foxwarren

The release of Foxwarren’s debut record couldn’t be sweeter for Andy Shauf, certainly one of Canada’s top melody makers. The band, which features Shauf and childhood friends Dallas Bryson and brothers Avery and Darryl Kissick, had their start with these songs a decade ago in the Kissick family farmhouse in, you guessed it, a town called Foxwarren, MB. Despite the band’s lengthy history of working together, Foxwarren is their first official release.(Exclaim!)