Jazzlab Orchestra – Quintessence

The Jazzlab Orchestra is a Montreal-based ensemble of 8 musicians that presents creative music since 2003 – the Orchestra celebrates this year its fifteenth anniversary. This collective of artistic collaboration has produced many projects over the years, but always working with top players of the Montreal jazz scene. After 6 albums and more than 250 concerts around the world, the Jazzlab now presents Quintessence, the music of composer and pianist Félix Stüssi. On the menu: a refined musical experience exploring the essence of jazz itself. Be it on a bicycle or behind the keys, Felix Stussi loves adventure and fresh wind. Since his move from Switzerland to Canada, Stussi has turned his back on journalism, and jazz piano and composition are now his main focus. He returns regularly to Europe to play with well-known ensembles. Recently, the region Glarus Nord (Switzerland) honored Stussi with their culture prize.(Naxos)

Shanika Maria – Subtle Uncertainties

Stacey Kaniuk – Heartbeat

Kaniuk’s new EP, Heartbeat, which is set for an early 2019 release is big, bright and boisterous pop, sometimes punctuated by horns, and in one instance disco. Yes disco, likely the only genre of music that has not had a comeback — yet. The throwback music video for the single “Baby Wants To Dance” features all the classic visuals of a 1970s rollerskating dance party. Perhaps the retro sound of the song was subliminally influenced by the giant disco ball spinning in Joydrop bassist and producer Thom McKay’s recording studio. Proof enough. It’s ba-ack!(Aesthetic Magazine)

Tallies – Tallies

Listening to Tallies’ self-titled debut was like listening to The Smiths do a shoegaze pop-rock record. Citing them, Aztec Camera, and The Sundays as influences, their guitar melodies feel twinkled with a hazed nostalgia that makes you feel like you could look back on the most wonderful days of your life through a kaleidoscope. If youthfulness truly is an energy based in wonder then Tallies are serving it. (Diandra Reviews It All)