Pale Lips – After Dark (Alien Snatch! Records)

There was a sweet spot in the 70’s when old-fashioned rock n’ roll and the early onset of punk crossed paths, creating high octane acts like Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers and Canada’s own The Modernettes, bands that melded Chuck Berry riffs with punk rock attitude and armfuls of hooks. Montreal’s Pale Lips straddle both those worlds expertly on their sophomore LP, After Dark, delivering a timeless sounding record that wouldn’t seem out-of-place on a 70’s power-pop compilation, without ever coming off like a calculated revival act.(Bad Feeling Magazine )

Abigail Lapell – Getaway (Coax Records / Outside)

Canada is a land of liminal spaces and vibrant landscapes, and in her travels through and around the country — whether it be by bicycle, train, canoe or van — Abigail Lapell has engaged with the sphere around her. Getaway is a collection of road songs that build on the momentum of her 2017 record, Hide Nor Hair, but assembled in moments of movement.(Exclaim!)

Angela Verbrugge – The Night We Couldn’t Say Good Night (Gut String Records)

Jon Samuel – Dead Melodies

Len Mizzoni – Better Days (Indie)

Better Days are here, thanks to King’s Len Mizzoni. His newest CD release is an upbeat, at times thought-provoking album that covers the gamut of human emotions.(King Weekly Sentine)

Lost Cousins – In Scenery (Pheromone)

“Montreal” is about the urge to completely rearrange your life for someone you love, but knowing you’re not able to and having to explain why. “It’s about balancing commitments to yourself with those of others, and trying to find a happy medium,” says the band.(Broadway World)

Only Yours – Overrun (Pirates Blend)

Sostomi’s signature baritone voice and bitter-sweet emotive lyrics, boldly define the Toronto-based four-piece’s incredible debut release. An album in every sense of the word, Overrun is a collection of ten inter-connected works, boasting consistency and unparalleled song craftsmanship. An indie pop record, immersing the listener in high energy, driving choruses and epic, emotionally charged ballads.(Auteur Research)

Ryan McMahon – In Line For A Smile

Ryan McMahon — the voice of Ladysmith, and if somebody wants to argue, you name the time and place, we’ll bring the boxing gloves — has got a new solo album out.(Cowichan Valley Citizen)

Twilight Fields – Songs From the Age of Ruin (Indie)

Songs from the Age of Ruin stands out like a beacon to people like me, people whose formative years chimed to the sound of bands with something to say, solo guitar-slinging agitators, people who felt the need to comment on the world around them rather than merely write about being dumped in A minor to a four-four beat. People like New Model Army, Billy Bragg, The Waterboys, Midnight Oil and further back into the 60’s protest canon.(The Swindonian)