1)Would you like to introduce yourself?
We are Paul and Steph from Post Script, an indie folk band from Edmonton, AB.

2)When and why did you start playing?
Paul and I both grew up in very musical families, music was always an important part of our youth. We both took the same after-school program that taught us how to write songs and how to be in a band. After dating for a year, my brother who is also a musician asked Paul and I to open for his show, even though we never even thought about combining our efforts. But here we are, six years later!

3)What is your favourite part of this line of work? Your least favourite? Why?
The best part is being able to write songs that fans can connect with. The best feeling in the world is when you’re playing a song live, and everyone is completely quiet in the room, and you can feel that they’re truly connecting to your song.
The least favourite part about this line of work is probably the fact that the music industry can be really tough on you. Constantly putting false expectations on your shoulders isn’t very healthy. But in the end, you need to continue to do music for the right reasons and persevere

4)To what extent do you plan your future?
We always like to have some sort of outline of goals and ambitions that we would like to tackle in the next few years. We find it important to continue to have something to look forward to and to work for. But like anything, plans can change and you need to be ready for any given situation.

5)What has been your most glorious “failure”?
Oh boy, that’s a tough one. We’ve definitely been through a number of different failures as a band, but we don’t exactly see them as failures, more like challenges or lessons we have learnt along the way. Biggest lesson so far: Just have fun.

6)When were you first asked for your autograph?
I think it was when Post Script released the first EP in 2013. We had our release show at an art gallery and we packed it with our closest friends and family, everyone went home with a signed record!

7)When were you last hungover?
Yesterday haha.

8)And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?