Hi Our Basement,

From reciting books of the bible in a cult to headlining pride festivals I decided to hit the stage to counter the tide of anti-lgbtq+ sentiment. I wanted to share a #bewhoyouare #noshame attitude.

Last August I put together a quick arrangement of this track to perform for Hamburg Pride Festival. Every person in the theatre reacted ecstatically, clapping and dancing. This encouraged me to take it back to the studio to create my version of “Shame Shame Shame.”

“Shame Shame Shame” was co-produced with Mike Smith of Phase One Studios. After hitting it off creatively on my 2017 remix of Black Lipstick Kiss [Lov3mix] I knew I wanted to continue to work with Mike. He’s incredibly easy to work with. I said “let’s make this song old school meets new school. We’ll keep the disco vibe and give it a current sound.” Voila, electronic drums and bass arrived – he read my mind.

I want “Shame Shame Shame” to remind you that you can really let loose and have fun, no matter who you are and celebrate with zero shame. A victorious and glorious existence whether you are gay straight, bi, trans, non-binary or simply just draw outside the lines.

Thanks for listening!
Random Order