Hey Our Basement,

I explore the depths of volatile romance further with the release of my 3AM Pt. 2 EP.

3AM Pt. 2 is a continuance of my debut 3AM Pt. 1 EP which included the viral track, “More Than Friends” (peaked at #4 on the Spotify US Viral Chart).

For the second half of 3AM, I wanted to really indulge in the deeper and darker parts of my subconscious, while still being honest and vulnerable. I think the best thing I can do as an artist is share where I am in that exact moment, and that’s what I chose to do with this EP. I was feeling crazy, angry, betrayed and numb, like I was in the passenger seat watching my life go by while I let everyone else drive my emotions and my worth. I brought that mix of emotion into to my writing, keeping no secrets as to what truly keeps me up at 3AM.

Thanks for listening!