Mounties premiered a brand new video for “Hitchin’ Man” last Friday. This is the latest single from the musical union of three industry veterans Hawksley Workman, Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat and Fur Trade, and Ryan Dahle of Limblifter and Age of Electric ahead of their highly-anticipated sophomore album. Heavy Meta will be released on April 26, 2019 via Light Organ Records.

“We wrote this song after we finished the album,” Bays reveals about the “Hitchin’ Man” single. “It felt light and breezy, and we weren’t taking ourselves too seriously. It’s a summer road trip song that reminds one of being a young band on tour for the first time, or a kid in high school; with the early seeds of self identity sprouting up, as you start to question the world and call bullshit. We’re singing about Sony Walkmen, Ferrari Testarossas, VW Vans, laughing with pals, partying…ultimately, declaring who your crew is and who you are. I’m hitchhiking, so I guess that makes me a Hitchin’ Man.”

Says Bays about the inspiration for the video, “We wanted this to be the first Mounties video the three of us are actually in, and include Cary and Parker who play with us live. Organizing Mounties is like herding cats; you can have one or two Mounties on the same tip, but you’re not gonna get everyone moving in the same direction. The final video captures fun chopped and re-chopped moments over a few days. We used props and gags from my favourite local antique store and a church basement thrift store here in New Westminster, BC. For years, Ryan and I have been collecting things for videos and storing them in an old wood chest in my living room, saving them for use in a new way. Ryan essentially became the video “party planner” while I manned the camera, and later edited. I favoured the fun moments over the serious ones.”