Heart Attack Kids – Bad Luck Like Gold (New Damage Records)

Joey Landreth – Hindsight (Cadence)

Joey Landreth hasn’t stood still the last half decade. The Bros. Landreth’s debut received a Juno, a previous solo release was well-regarded, and he has toured extensively both as a Bros. and under his own name. Being busy, perhaps Landreth hasn’t allowed himself time for reflection on past accomplishments.(Exclaim!)

Just John & Dom Dias – DON III EP (indie)

In the Toronto bedlam of sounds, JustJohn and Dom Dias are taking a new approach to rap music — one that’s hidden with punk and electronic undertones, but still ringing with thunderous bass lines to carry it through. To follow up their first EP, Don, which was released this past June, the newly Warner Music-signed artists have returned with their four-track EP sequel, Don II.(Exclaim!)

Lyric Dubee – All This Time (indie)

TR/ST – The Destroyer (Royal Mountain Records)

TR/ST’s first release in five years channels mastermind Robert Alfons’ experience in his new Los Angeles home base, contrasting warmth and franticness with cold and isolation. Alfons took a patiently careful approach, allowing his post-punk, dream pop, and industrial sounds to guide his growth.(Exclaim!)

Tim Baker – Forever Overhead (Arts & Crafts)

When you pack East coast venues with fans that holler your orchestral indie rock anthems to the rafters, how do you up the ante from there? If you’re Tim Baker, you confront that lofty glass ceiling by stripping it all back, as the frontman of on-hiatus Hey Rosetta! does on his debut solo LP, Forever Overhead.(Exclaim!)

Yes We Mystic – Ten Seated Figures (DevilDuck Records)

When a band brings out an album, apart from the music itself, there is another important aspect of the big picture, the narrative in which the album, the band or their individual members are embedded. With their new album Ten Seated Figures , the always very big-thinking Canadian “Art-Pop-Transformers” Yes We Mystic push this idea to the top.(Bedroomdisco)