Danko Jones – A Rock Supreme

No nonsense Rock n’ Roll may not be the flavour of the month but Canadian trio Danko Jones, with twenty-three years under their belts, have got it down to a tee. Their ninth album A Rock Supreme, on Rise Above, continues their trademark sound – which mixes the bite of AC/DC and the swagger of Thin Lizzy with an impressive, Clutch like ferocity.(Ghost Cult)

David Newland – Northbound (indie)

Canadian adventurer, writer and miner of song David Newland is getting ready to release his fifth album, “NORTHBOUND: The Northwest Passage in Story and Song”, a live collection of original songs based on his travels in the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada.(Folk Roots Radio)

Dean Brody – Black Sheep (Open Road)

Dean Brody’s latest, six-song EP Black Sheep, is a breath of fresh air wrapped up in a neat little package. Love seems to take over half of the EP, showing a softer side of Brody that complements his outgoing, feel-good songs. “Whiskey in a Teacup” describes his better half as sweet and innocent by appearance, but in reality she’s strong, tough and a little wilder than expected. “Well behaved girls rarely make history,” Brody sings to further get the point across about his love. This electric guitar and bass-centric song also has a consistent mild rhythm throughout, with help from drums and keys, among other instruments.(Exclaim!)

Harpdog Brown – For Love & Money (indie)

The British Columbian harp playing Brown has released a gem of a new CD featuring jump-blues that swing from Chicago down to New Orleans. The CD is produced by fellow Canadian Steve Dawson; Steve’s talents at both production and guitar are awesome. I’ve only seen him live once and was further hooked on his stuff that his CDs introduced me to. Here with Harpdog he’s produced a winner.(Blues Blast)

Jacqui Verellen – Honest (Independent)

T. Nile – Beachfires (Outskirts Central Music/ Outside Music)