Q1. Would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is ROYAL. I am an indie pop artist from Western Canada who loves to dive deep into “the feels”. My music is a reflection of my life’s experiences with cinematic flare.

I have just released the official music video for my latest single. “Vessel”, starring Tiera Skovbye and Jordan Connor of “Riverdale”. The song comes from my full length album, Heart of Shadows. The album was mostly recorded with my talented producer and friend Luca Fogale. What started off as just a couple of friends working on some song demos for fun evolved into an entire album orchestrated by an incredible team of musicians that brought my musical visions to life. The album is really something special and channels a lot of deep emotions.

Q2. Are you a good cook?
I enjoy cooking, I wouldn’t say I’m that good at it – that’s up to you to decide – but I do enjoy a challenge every now and then to test my skills!

Since I have a few food sensitivities and allergies, I often cook with those in mind. To put a musical metaphor on it, you could say that my cooking style is more “alternative” than “mainstream”. Earlier in my career, I created a blog called “The Starving Artist” which included my own recipes for my fellow artists of the world.

My favourite thing to make is a gluten free peach oatmeal or pancake. It turns out to be more of a peach cobbler when it’s done and it doesn’t require added sugar because the peaches are so sweet – it’s delicious, inexpensive and food allergy/sensitivity-friendly!

Q3. How successful do you think you are?
When I first got into making my own music, I never set any expectations beyond making good on my desire to create my own art. I think I measure success in terms of my own personal fulfilment. With my new album, it was an immense test of my own creativity to enter a new genre. The excitement of that journey has not only been personally fulfilling, but it has also given me confidence for what I can accomplish next.

Q4. What are your phobias?
Heights and small spaces! GET ME OUT OF HERE! I once got caught on an over-hang while rock climbing and made the mistake of looking down at the crashing waves below me. I think I clung to that spot for about half an hour until my friend Anne started yelling that I was a weak quitter and that all the boys had made it over the rock – which she knew would get moving and out of my terrified state. With that, I tapped into my superhuman strength and pulled myself up over that rock. Thanks, Anne!

Q5. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Anything with tasty chunks. I’m a texture girl, so it always comes down to the texture. Salty caramel is the exception – that stuff is just magical. Also, it has to be good quality, non-dairy ice cream, because I’m a lactose intolerant diva that way. My absolute favourite right now is the Häagen-Dazs Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Non-Dairy Bar. Wow, my mouth literally just started watering…

Q6. When did you last feel guilty?
I am a deep feeler, which means that I’m always feeling guilty about something. So it’s not what I last felt guilty about, but what I’m currently feeling guilty for! At this moment, that would be not being able to answer these questions fast enough because I’m balancing a spoon of ice cream in one hand and a coffee in the other… I am a work in progress.

Q7. Would you rather eat cloves of garlic or 6 spoons o cod liver oil?
BOTH! I love garlic. Vampires wouldn’t stand a chance around me.

My mom made my sisters and I take cod liver oil daily, so the taste doesn’t bother me anymore.

Q8. And, most importantly, what is your favourite type of cookie?
Chocolate chip. Why mess with a classic? It’s absolute perfection. Although once I did try a cookie that was chocolate chip with pretzels and wow, that thing rocked my world.