Hi Our Basement,

“Small Encounters” is a hazy recollection of navigating tumultuous relationships. It is a memory of fleeting, momentary encounters. The loneliness of empty beds nights after. A spectre of drunken nights and small encounters.

It’s also a song about how frequently sexual assault occurs in clubs – public spaces where people should be safe to dance with their friends – and how easily this can be brushed off as being the ‘norm’ in these types of environments.

My best friend was quoting some Islamic scripture and the words “…the company you keep” really stood out to me. No matter what, the people we surround ourselves with affect and influence us. The relationships we choose to have also have consequences and throughout the making of this record, I realized that I was surrounded by people who reeked of toxic masculinity. I’ve since made a point to spend my time with empathetic folx; it’s about being selective with who you let inspire you and who you let into your life, your space.

Part of the “Small Encounters” video was filmed at a local university club and, in somewhat of a juxtaposition, filmed the rest in a church. Engineer William Crann and I recorded the song itself on a sunny spring day in a cabin on Salmon Lake, along with the rest of my third album.

TCYK will be released on June 7th – preorder it on May 1st through my Bandcamp!

Thank you for listening! I’m excited to share TCYK (The Company You Keep) with you soon. 💕

JoJo Worthington ⚡