Hey Our Basement,

We all have that person we just can’t get out of our heads. As hard as we try to move on, they linger in our dreams, trying to convince us this time will be different. ☠️🖤

“Empty Promises” is all about that feeling, and how killer it can be!

Your heart gets broken when you fall in love with an illusion. I lived through this, dealing with someone who wasn’t who I thought they were. I know this is a universal story that a lot of us are facing, so this song’s for you.

You’re never alone! 🖤

We’ve done some cool and exciting things as a band so far, and we super appreciate your support! 🤩 We’ll be releasing our full EP, touring Ontario, and booking a national tour in the coming months.

See you cats soon 🤘
xx, Another Crush