Hi Our Basement,

I wrote “New Growth” in the fall of 2017 in response to the #metoo movement. It was like a dam broke; all of the stories and emotions that had been suppressed for so long began flooding our newsfeeds, and I was so thirsty for it. Our society is built on this abuse of power, and to see it have the wind knocked out of it was beyond satisfying.

While there is still no real protocol for how to address instances of sexual harassment and assault, there is so much victory in how fellow non-men strengthened their support systems as a result of #metoo. It’s monumental. I was able to take a closer look at my past experiences with men and identify how many had been unacceptable; starting with my first kiss, right up until very recently in my life. Awakening to that knowledge really moved something inside of me. It made me sick to my stomach, but it also made me feel alive and ready to dismantle the patriarchy.

The “New Growth” video carries these feelings of anger and empowerment. I chose to create my own version of a scene from David Lynch’s Wild At Heart. The love, passion, hope, and strength the couple share in this particular clip is visceral. Replacing the hetero relationship with my best friend and I was a conscious choice. I want to see more images of empowered womxn, non binary, and trans folx in lead roles. I want to see queerness up front and center. The couple may not know where they’re going, but together they are full of hope and passion; an emotional combination I like to cling to.

This was a beautiful collaboration and team to work with.
Paz, Jess, Alana, Simran, Joe: THANK YOU for all of the energy you brought to this shoot and video.

I’m currently cooking up my third album at home in Montreal, so be sure to connect with me on Instagram, Twitter + Facebook for more new music to come!

Thank you for listening,
Petra Glynt ❤️❤️