Hey, Our Basement!

Our new song “Fall-In” was written about being ready to fall in love again.

That feeling when you’re craving connection, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship where it’s complete ecstasy.

“Fall-In” was written acoustically. I believe the stripped-down nature is simple yet effective to get those feelings across. There was a moment that I will never forget in the recording process when I came to the studio to listen to the nearly completed track. I put on the headphones and about 30 seconds in, it brought me to tears. It was exactly how I imagined it, if not better and complete joy and satisfaction washed over me. ~Kane

Later this year, we’ll be releasing our EP, The Breakaway, and hitting the road again. We can’t wait to get back to the studio to start recording new music, we are sitting on some pretty special new tracks that we can’t wait to share.

So much love from the K.I. crew.