Hello Our Basement,

We use an old cliche to sum up birth, death, and ultimately, the renewal of our human experience: the circle of life.

We are perpetually spinning through it, although at times it can feel like we are a train stuck on the tracks with just one more stop to go.

I wrote “Virtuous Circle” at a time in my life where I felt surrounded by a lot of death;
the loss of a family member, broken relationships, personal instability, and what felt like an endless streak of disappointments in my career.

This song is a prayer to be reincarnated, a plea of hope that what feels like a vicious circle could invert into a virtuous one. I think it’s pretty natural to try to ward off pain once it inevitably arrives,
but I wanted to write about engaging with such an uncomfortable feeling in a healthy way.
Maybe by engaging with it, you can actually walk through it.

I want “Virtuous Circle” to have a sense of darkness contrasted with hopefulness.
I want it to feel like running – like breaking away from what is chasing you.