Hi Our Basement,

It’s about the song. It’s about the words. It’s about the feeling. You gotta chase that feeling.

I’m obsessed with crafting songs, writing lyrics, being honest, and making music that punches you in the gut.

Old habits die hard. When a relationship ends, you can’t call your partner ‘babe’ anymore. In fact, you can’t really call them at all.

When you’re used to talking to someone every day, calling them babe, and sharing all your secrets, it’s pretty hard to just turn that off. This song is about someone who can’t stop calling their ex, and also can’t stop accidentally calling them ‘baby.’

I aimed to capture the same, dramatic energy that comes with feeling heartbroken.

“Can’t Stop Calling You Baby” is from my new album If I Don’t Feel Better, out on June 21st. This record is my first step into the world as a solo artist. I’m looking forward to bringing my songs and stories to shows around the world this year!

Thank you for listening,

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