Our Basement,

You know that feeling of longing and sadness, spaced with moments of apology and dare I say, hope?

“Deep Dark Love” is about forlorn or forbidden love, however you see it.

The song was recorded, mixed, and produced by Aaron Goldstein at Baldwin Street Sound in Toronto. Formerly a bakery, the drum kit on the sound floor now sits nestled in the ghost of a brick oven. With no line of sight between the booth and the sound floor, there is a wonderful live energy that happens in that space; isolated and complete.

The upcoming album is pulled from the two wells of inspiration that I often draw from – heartbreak and landscape – not coincidentally, also the album title. Even though “Deep Dark Love” was a latecomer to the album, It was a perfect summation of the themes and images woven throughout everything.

More to come soon, and I can’t wait to share it.
B. Knox