Birds is the theme of the playlist this week. It began with a link for a song called Blue Jay that was sent to me by Genesis Ritchot. That got me thinking about other bird songs and what a great sign of spring birds are. Isn’t it nice to wake up and hear the birds singing? It fills me with hope for warm weather and new beginnings.

The playlist has our Canadian artists singing us songs of birds and it may help our hearts take flight. The title of the playlist comes from Mocky’s track Birds of a Feather. There are some old favourites such as Such a Common Bird by Wendy McNeill, Big Bird in a Small Cage by Patrick Watson and Bird Brains by Holy Fuck. There are also some new songs such as Ladybird by Mappe Of, Raven by Jenn Grant and the previously mentioned Blue Jay by Genesis Ritchot. Themes are a good way to get an eclectic range of music to listen to and I love that. Diversity is great but birds of a feather must stick together!

Enjoy listening to all the diverse songs of birds!

For next weeks playlist, I will be working on bands with common names. All the Royal bands, the Wolf bands, the Owl bands etc. Do you have any that come to mind?