New releases for the week ending November 27th 2020

Sophia Bel - Princess of the Dead Vol II (Bonsound) Peter Graham - Despite Where We've Been Chairmen of The Boards - Surfin' The Apocalypse Surfin' The Apocalypse by Chairmen Of The Boards - A [...]

Playlist Friday: Indigenous Peoples Day and Release Radar

It's another double playlist week! One for National Indigenous Peoples Day and one is OurBasement Release Radar. So much music! National Indigenous Peoples Day, celebrated in Canada every 21 June, is an official day of [...]

Playlist Friday: Birds of a Feather

Birds is the theme of the playlist this week. It began with a link for a song called Blue Jay that was sent to me by Genesis Ritchot. That got me thinking about other bird [...]

New releases for the week ending May 31st 2019

The Paul DesLauriers Band - Bounce Justin Rutledge - Passages Passages by Justin Rutledge Alex Little & The Suspicious Mind - No Control Patrick Ballantyne - Sky (indie) Bangerz Brass - Bangerz Brass Tara Kannangara [...]

Playlist Friday: Canadian Indie Albums of 2011

What were you doing in 2011? The tracks on the playlist this week are from Canadian Indie albums released in 2011. Music has a way of transporting us to a different time in our memories [...]

Our Anthem – A Top of Our Lungs Playlist

Happy birthday, Canada! At 149 your shores are looking a little weathered, but then haven't they always? That's what adds to your charm. For all of you celebrating the birth of the True North Strong [...]