Hi Our Basement,

However devastating and tragic things may seem within this life, no component of it or of yourself is truly hopeless.

My new song, “Hopeless,” is more a documentation of a feeling than it is a reflection of my true state of being. It’s a reminder to acknowledge that no matter what you have to work through in your life, you’re still here to sing about it.

“Hopeless” is off of Miasma, my forthcoming debut LP.
It features appearances by some great musicians like Daniel Romano, Aaron Goldstein, Aaron Comeau, Carleigh Aikins, and Arif Mirabdolbaghi. Aaron Goldstein also produced the album, while the record was mixed by the talented Christopher Stringer, and mastered by Grammy-nominee Philip Shaw Bova.

The long and short of it is, no matter how painful things might feel, there is always a way to work through it.
You are never alone in your human experience. Everyone is fighting the good fight.

Keegan John Trumpour // Opeongo