Hi Our Basement!

Songwriting is the way I process life. It is my outlet, my anchor, and my voice.

I’m so thrilled with Retro Moderne, my latest album (14th overall!) that is officially out now. There was such good chemistry working with producer Gus Van Go and his team that everything just fell into place. The results speak for themselves.

60’s UK mod culture was all about looking sharp under pressure. Styled in brogues, mini skirts and slim fits, riding mopeds; these punks had class even if they couldn’t afford it. It was a matter of taste and dignity against all odds. Moving between vintage pop and hip hop on “Cruel World (Nickel & Dime),” I try to bring this era back to life. Slakah The Beatchild and I wrote this one together.

Thank you for listening!
Lily Frost