Hi Our Basement,
To be human is to struggle but I believe I could have a pretty enjoyable life if I could just get over myself.

My new single ‘Bones’ tells the tale of this inner scuffle; a kind of wrestling match between my authentic self and the veils of conditioning that keep smacking me back into my safe corner. My bones are like my ego – strong but breakable. They hold me up but grow tired and weary with age. There’s a chink in that armour.

‘Bones’ is the first single off my upcoming EP ‘Wildish’ which I produced in collaboration with Vancouver producer and mixing engineer Daniel Klenner. Using a combination of traditional instruments and sound design I created flowing melodies over driving percussion to signify this human duality between freedom and constriction.

The thing is, we don’t have forever to stay safely suspended in this struggle. Bones can be unyielding, provide structure and defence. But as the years fold wistfully into themselves weighty time tick-tocks and the awakening will crack on. The good news is there is a negotiation and the depth of what lies within those old bones, is what truly holds us up in the end.