Hey Our Basement,
Don’t you ever feel like it’s all fake and disingenuous?

We’re addicted to the serotonin boost we get from ‘likes,’ but it’s time to laugh it off.

I wanted to write a song that would take the piss out of my generation and I.

Naturally, I went for the jugular of our fake Instagram lifestyle.

Putting a mirror to myself while also placing a mirror on the people surrounding me, “Superficial Hypocrite” is full of self-deprecating humour about the collective stupidity we’ve all fallen victim to.

My studio (Casa de Keith’s) was built using Bunz Trading Zone and a music trading group on Facebook. Listening with Alexa on my Echo, through my car stereos, everything I could find; I wrote, recorded, re-recorded, wrote, re-recorded, and repeated to get closer to the sound I heard in my head. By the time “Superficial Hypocrite” was recorded and mixed, I had put in thousands of hours of practice.

If you would be so kind as to please share this single far and wide!