Hi Our Basement,

I’m always torn between the need to do right by the people I love, and the darkness that resides deep within. Love, sexuality, sensuality, and vulnerability are the leading elements for this new chapter of my artistic journey.

I wrote the lyrics for this song, and produced it alongside Max-Antoine Gendron. We always keep our recording sessions very private. We write everything at his house in his home studio. I’m not a fan of big studios for writing sessions – I think it puts too much pressure on the creative flow to manifest itself. Ultimately, all you need is a computer, basic instruments, and a mic. The rest is bullshit, especially nowadays with so much technology at our fingertips.

Max-Antoine and I never come in with a specific goal in mind. We usually talk for a while before actually getting down to writing, letting our instincts and energy guide us. I think it’s important that we’re in sync, and feel comfortable enough to share and exchange. It makes everything more special and personal. I want people to connect with how I felt. Combined with the beat’s sweet groove and positive energy, “Dazed” is an emotional yet provocative tune.

Thank you for listening. 🖤